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Neil Diamond: 67 and not even quiet...

Neil Diamond is a world-famous singer, songwriter and composer, yes, and even also an actor (“The jazz singer”). He was born in Brooklyn in New York in 1941 where his parents ran a grocer's shop.

At the age of sixteen, the young Neil started making music with a second-hand guitar which he got given. First time he composed and saw himself as a songwriter and not as a singer. He went to school with Barbara Streisand who had a great career of herself like him ahead – Years later the two even sang as a duet  (“You don bring me flowers").

In the early sixties Diamond commercialized his words and music by himself. He had opened a little office at Broadway in 1964. With success: popstars that sang his songs were “Jay & the Americans” (“Sunday and Me”) “The Monkees” (“I'm a believer” and "A little bit of me, A little bit of you,"), as well as Cliff Richard and Lulu.

When he became acquainted with producer Bert Berns, Neil Diamond started off as a singer. Already the first songs went straight into the top ten: "Cherry, Cherry”,  "Girl, you'll be a woman soon" and of cause “Sweet Caroline”, his most popular composition even today. After a label change his success couldn’t be stopped. There was a worldwide storm into the charts with "Cracklin’ Rosie", "Song sung blue" and “Beautiful noise”. He also composed the music for the movie "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" which was very well received by people around the world.

The very popular album "A beautiful noise" was published in 1978.   Neil Diamond was on tour for a long time and appeared in five different Las Vegas shows. At the same time he could be seen in some movies as an actor. Neil Diamond is still a charismatically and full of energy singer and entertainer and his concerts are always sold out. In 2005 he was in the top ten of the most successful concert tours throughout America. His enthusiastic fans joyfully take note that there will be no end.  Neil Diamond was honoured by the Songwriters Hall of Fame with the Lifetime Award for his life's work in 2000.

In 2008 he published his latest album "HOME BEFORE DARK" and is still in the highest position of the charts of America, England and... and... and....